Music, DaJuana Hammonds

Born in Columbus, Ohio, my love of music began in church at age 3. My grandfather thought I had a gift, so he invested in my gift by purchasing me my very own microphone and stand. My family was not very happy with him, but I was the happiest three year old in the world! At age 4, my family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where I attended Lakeside Elementary school. It was there that my music teacher, Mrs. Linda Sides (Mrs. Corry at the time) saw the musical potential that she felt I possessed. I auditioned for chorus and earned the solo to “Shut De Door” for our first school performance. When the time came for me to move on to middle school, Mrs. Linda pulled me aside at a state-wide music performance where a high school musical theater traveling performance troupe, Choo Choo Kids, performed scenes from Broadway musicals. She said to me, “This is what you should be doing. I will see to it that you attend the performing arts high school!” She did and I attended Chattanooga’s Center for Creative Arts from grades 6-12, majoring in Musical Theater, where I became a Choo Choo Kid! My teachers there made a lasting impression on me. Their passion for my success as a musician was key to my decision in continuing in music. Because of those teachers, I developed a deep love and passion for music. Furthermore, they sparked a desire in me to give other children what they gave to me.

I attended Fisk University, here in Nashville, Tennessee where I received my Bachelors of Science in Music Education. I recently earned my Masters of Education in Educational Leadership at David Lipscomb University. While studying at Fisk, I came to Julia Green to do some observations in a general education classroom. Coincidentally, there was a music performance that day. I was able to see the performance and meet the music teacher, Mrs. Lauryn Moody. I was so amazed by what I saw, I requested to student teach at Julia Green under the supervision of Lauryn Moody. It became evident to me that our meeting was not coincidental, but it was destined! She taught me so much and further confirmed my calling as a music teacher. What was even more special to me was that she reminded me of my elementary music teacher, Mrs. Linda.

My teaching career began in at Hattie Cotton Elementary in 2007. In 2010 and two children later, I came to Julia Green to job-share with Mrs. Moody. What a joy to be reunited with my former student teaching supervisor and share a music classroom with her. Together, we have an awesome teaching partnership, but most of all, a wonderful friendship. I am delighted to be at Julia Green.

Outside of the classroom, I am the wife of an amazing man and musician, Chad Hammonds. We have two biological children, Leslie (2 years) and Chloe Hammonds (1 year), and recently welcomed our teenage niece, Jonerica Laster, to our home. I enjoy performing, shopping, wedding planning, and playing games.