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Find Your Bus Stop
Find Your Bus Stop

All students who attend their school of zone, and who live more than 1.25 miles from school (1.5 miles for high schools), are eligible for school bus transportation.  Exceptions are made for certain areas where unsafe walking conditions exist.

We use Edulog, a state-of-the-art computer mapping and routing program, to create the most efficient bus routes possible.  As a result, we are generally unable to provide door-to-door bus service.

To find your child's bus stop,

  1. Use the pull down menu to find your school and click "Submit."
  2. Type in your street address and your child's grade. Click "Submit" again.
  3. This will produce your bus stop and schedule.

If your street is not recognized, please double check the spelling and try again.  If it still does not work, please call our Customer Service Center at 259-INFO (259-4636).

If you do not know which school your child will attend, please call our Customer Service Center at 259-INFO (259-4636).

Special Education, Special Services and Pre-K
If your child is in Special Education, Pre-K, or qualifies for Special Services, transportation arrangements must be made through the office from which your child receives these services.  Please contact your Special Ed or Pre-K adviser to make these arrangements.  If you do not know who you need to talk to, please contact our Customer Service Center at  259-INFO (259-4636) to be directed to the appropriate person.

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