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Facilities and Use

The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Board of Public Education recognizes that public schools are public property and should be used for activities which will enhance the cultural, educational and recreational opportunities in the community. View the Facilities Use Policy (FM 2.118).

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Outside organizations requesting the use of a Metro Nashville Public Schools property must receive the proper authorization from the Office of Building and Facility Use. The procedures are as follows:

1. The outside organization must complete the current year facility request form.

2. The completed forms and required documents are turned in directly to the school to be entered into the School Dude Facility Scheduling software and for initial authorization by the school principal. The new form no longer has a space for the principals to sign.
Do not deliver the paperwork to the Office of Building and Facility Use as this will delay your process.

3. After the request is entered into School Dude, all the forms are then sent to the Office of Building and Facility Use for the final processing and approval.

4. Upon receipt of the request forms and an electronic approval from the school principal, the forms will be processed and completed by the Building and Facility Use Office. At this point, you will be notified that your deposit is due. The deposit is in the amount of your usage fees. Custodial charges will be billed within 30 days.

5. Final approval must come from the Building and Facility Use office before any usage is to take place. The Building and Facility Use office does not give authorization without a principal’s consent.

6. An electronic approval notification will be generated from the School Dude Messaging Center. This email may go into your SPAM folder, so please check there as well.

School property may normally be used for the following purposes:

  • Activities sponsored by other governmental agencies
  • Lectures
  • Musical programs
  • Recreational programs sponsored by churches or other nonprofit organizations
  • Scouting activities
  • Religious services
  • Non-profit charitable fund raising
  • Programs sponsored by service clubs
  • Non-partisan political public forums sponsored by a recognized non-profit community or civic group
  • Private practitioners pursuant to DSOP 0013

School property shall not be used for the following purposes:

  • Gambling in any form;
  • Dances (other than school dances);
  • Programs sponsored by commercial agencies for other than educational or governmental purposes;
  • Horse shows;
  • Programs sponsored by for-profit organizations that are not school affiliated; or,
  • Private parties, receptions, and celebrations;
  • Summer Camps (unless approved by the Office of Community Education)

For information on requesting usage of school property, please review the information sheet below. You may also contact

Tamikia White, Coordinator
Office of Building and Facilites Use
Phone: 615.259.8520
Fax: 615.214.8895


Information Sheet

Facilities and Use Form

Donations for Use of Facilities and Grounds

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