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MNPS Alumni Achievers

Alumni Achievers

We know that all Metro students are capable of doing great things, and we want to show them off! On this page we will spotlight a former Metro student as an "Alumni Achiever," one who serves as an example of the success, generosity and achievement that all Metro students can reach.

Know a Metro Schools grad who has moved on to great things? Click here to nominate an Alumni Achiever!

 William Wiggins thumbnail William Wiggins - Nashville Symphony Timpanist & Professor at Blair School of Music

Wiggins was not only a Metro Schools student, he was also a teacher. His success story is woven with Metro Schools.
“My mother was a highly respected principal at Julia Green; my younger sister spent some time teaching high school in Metro,” Wiggins said. “We’re all very involved in public education; we have a deep affection for Metro Schools.”
Andrew Melo Andrew Melo - PhD Candidate, Particle Physics & Computer Science Wunderkind
Working with the world's largest particle physics laboratory with some of the world's most complex systems is a direct product of Andrew's commitment to science education, fostered by his teachers in Metro Schools. His connection to one of history's greatest scientific discoveries is just a bonus.
Meryll Rose Meryll Rose - Co-host, NewsChannel5's "Talk of the Town"
I have Hillsboro to thank for my career in television! On “Career Day” my senior year, we had to pick two seminars to attend, and the one on the music industry was an obvious choice. The seminar on Radio and TV sounded like a fun way to spend another hour, and little did I know that it would totally change my career path!
Randy Goodman Randy Goodman - Music Row Fixture, Volunteer & Philathropist
Goodman will apply lessons learned in the Apollo music program and in his 30-year entertainment industry career to Nashville's "Music Makes Us" initiative. Goodman is the leading volunteer with the effort, which seeks to make the Metro Schools education program not only the most musically inclusive K-12 program in the nation, but also the best.
Hugh Travis Hugh Travis - Scout Executive, Middle Tennessee
"Going to school with friends and neighbors was important in social development. I learned the basics of hard work, lifelong learning, being a part of a team, developing school and community spirit, all of which prepared me for a life spent in community service."
Blake Geoffrion Blake Geoffrion - Professional Hockey Player, Hometown Proud
"It’s quite an honor to grow up here and to play all my youth hockey league, go to school here, and kind of grow up with the team, per se, when they moved here in ’98. I’ve always been a fan."
Justin Pruett Justin Pruett - Law School Student & Academies Graduate
“I started in the Business Academy as a Junior. I was given a great many tools that not only helped me out in college, but have also stuck with me in the professional world and also in law school.”
Click here to read about Margot McCormack. Margot McCormack - Owner and Chef, Margot and Marché Restaurants
“I remember the food in the cafeteria being really good, especially the yeast rolls and the peanut butter bars, which I begged my mother to get the recipe for.”
Steven, Michelle and Michael Shaw Steven, Michelle & Michael Shaw - A Family Success Story
“I was able to achieve many of my goals because I had teachers, and parents, who were are determined to see me succeed. Students should take advantage of every opportunity they can and shouldn’t be afraid to share their goals.”
Haydee Searcy

Haydee Searcy - Senior Director, International Marketing at Polo Ralph Lauren
“Hume-Fogg taught me how to become a better communicator through literature classes, defending my point of view in the classroom and writing. When it was time to enter the workforce I had confidence in these areas and then had to figure out how I wanted to use these skill sets.”


Know a Metro Schools grad who has moved on to great things? Click here to nominate an Alumni Achiever!

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