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School Board
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Sharon Gentry
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Jill Speering
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Student Board Members
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School Board Agenda and Minutes
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2014-2015 Board Meeting Schedule
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Federal Programs and Grant Management
Applying for Grants
Information and Requirements for ALL Grant Seekers
Grants Development Handbook
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Compliance Action Plan and Monitoring Reports
Consolidated Application
2014 District Plan
Consolidated Application FY13
Helpful Resources
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Non-Regulatory Guidance
Private Schools
imPACT (Teacher Incentive Fund)
Design Team
imPACT Frequently Asked Questions
Federal Programs- Org Chart 2014
Fraud, Waste or Abuse
Household Information Survey Forms
Martin Center
Planning and Construction
Project Design and Construction
Bid Opportunities
Roofing Repair
Hume-Fogg RFQ
DuPont Tyler ADA Upgrades
John Early Expansion
Shwab Gym Renovations
Granbery Elementary School Additions
Portable Relocation
Madison Middle Additions
Stratford RFQ
Maplewood Boiler
Ross Boiler
Whites Creek Boiler Replacement
Kirkpatrick HVAC
Antioch High Gymnasium HVAC
Hillsboro HVAC
Hunters Lane 2014 HVAC
Pearl-Cohn Gym HVAC 2014
Henry Maxwell ES Additions
Previous Bids
Goodlettsville Middle
Shayne Addition
New Antioch Cluster Elementary School
Waverly-Belmont Elementary School Project
Percy Playground Access Ramp
Doing Business with MNPS
Plant Operations and Maintenance Services (POMS)
Current Contract, Bid, and RFI Opportunities
RFP 15-2 Cooling Systems Maintence for MNPS Data Centers
ITB B14-55 Towing
RFP 14-2 Response to Instruction & Intervention
RFP 14-5 Math Tutoring for JT Moore Middle School
ITB B14-52 Fresh Produce
ITB B14-20 Web Based Clinical Assessment System
RFP 14-20 Vision and Hearing Insurance
RFP 11-3 External Evaluation of Transformation Partnership
RFP 14-22 Grant Evaluator
RFP 13-5 Elementary Professional and Strategic Development, School Design and Coaching Services
ITB B15-5 Vehicle Wash System
RFP 14-15 Videography
ITB B14-37 High Volume Color Copier
ITB 14-28 Clinical Assessment Software, Test Kits and Manuals
RFP 11-10 Gifted Programs
ITB B15-4 School Buses
RFP 13-14 School Yearbooks
RFP 13-20 Medicaid Reimbursement
RFP 11-2 Library Database Subscription
ITB B15-6 Antioch Middle School Stage Curtains
ITB B14-62 Milk and Dairy Products
ITB B14-60 Kitchen Towel Service
ITB B14-54 Instruments
RFP 14-13 Local Dial Tone and Telecom Circuts
ITB B14-56 General Supplies
ITB B14-57 Frozen Dairy
ITB B14-43 Band Uniforms for East Nashville High School
RFP 13-18 Injury on Duty (IOD)
ITB B14-31 Clinical Assessments and Protocols
ITB B14-29 Clinical Assessments and Forms Part 1
ITB B14-41 MNPS Nutrition Services USDA Commodity Processing
RFP 14-18 Advertising Media Sales for School Athletic Programs
ITB B15-2 T-Shirt
ITB B15-1 Disposable Kitchen Towels
ITB B14-59 Beverages
ITB B14-49 Computer Supplies
ITB B14-30 Clinical Assessments and Forms Part 2 of 2
MNPS ITB B14-48 Microfilm Scanner
MNPS ITB B14-53 Fresh Bread
RFP 14-16 Greenhouse Renovations
How to do Business with MNPS
Purchasing Contacts
Research, Assessment, and Evaluation
2014-2015 Student Surveys
Social Workers
Student Assignment Services
Streamlining School Option Processes
School Options Improvements Explained
Presentation on School Options
FAQ: Selection Process, Acceptance and Wait Lists
Student Assignment Calendar
Home School Program
Tennessee Notice Of Intent To Home School Form
Attendance Form
2014-15 Calendar
Testing Information
Student Assignment Plans
Proposed Pre-K Changes for 2014-15
Approved Zone Changes for 2012-2013
The Mapping of a Ten Year Plan for Antioch and Cane Ridge
Antioch and Cane Ridge Cluster 10 Year Plan (Updated August 2011)
MNPS mailing school assignment letters to Cane Ridge and Antioch families
Site Selection Presentation : Smith Springs Road
Five Year Projections
2015-16 Proposed Changes for the Hillsboro Cluster
Waverly-Belmont Questions and Answers
Proposed Changes for Antioch Cluster
Maps and Mapping Tools
School Capacity Map
School Location Map
Zone Finder
Geographic Priority Zone (GPZ)
Zoned Option Maps
Cluster Maps
Exchange Student Policy
Emergency Hardship Forms
Continuity Transfers
Power of Attorney Form
Non-Resident Enrollment Request
Zoned Options
Hunters Lane Zoned Option Form
Metro Center Zoned Option Form
Napier Zoned Option Form
هه لبژاردنا قۆتابخانێن ته رخانکری بو ڤێ ده ڤه رێ -Hunters Lane
خيارات المدارس المتاحة المخصصة للمنطقة -Napier
خيارات المدارس المتاحة المخصصة للمنطقة -Hunters Lane
خيارات المدارس المتاحة المخصصة للمنطقة -Metro Center
Student Services & School Security
Student Attendance
Safe & Drug-Free Schools and Communities
Office of School Security
Social Work
Cluster Support Teams
Student Health Services
H.E.R.O. Program for Families in Transition
Section 504-Students
ADA Compliance
Technology & Information Services
Enterprise Development and Support
Enterprise Network Operations
MNPS WebMail Access
Low Voltage Infrastructure Installation Standards
MNPS Diversity Initiatives
Policies and Procedures
Academic Performance
2014-15 Budget
Operating Funds
Federal Funds
The Facts
2013-14 Budget
Capital Budget
Past Operating Budgets
2011-2012 Operating Budget
2010-2011 Operating Budget
2009-2010 Operating Budget
2008-2009 Operating Budget
2007-2008 Operating Budget
Budget Books
First to the Top
First to the Top Videos
Standards and Assessments
TOTAL Math Initiative
MNPS Achieves
National Advisory Panel
teachers and leaders
Teaching and Learning in Urban Settings Master’s Program
Teacher Residency Program
Instructional Coach Professional Training
Instructional Rounds
Online Professional Development
Principal Institutes
Skillful Observation and Coaching Laboratory (SOCL)
Human Resource Department Redesign
Central Office Professional Development
Stratford STEM Network
Hillsboro STEM Academy
School Turnaround
Doing Business with MNPS
Diversity Enterprise Program
Registration Process
Program Compliance Requirements
Procurement Opportunities and Events
Diversity Business Enterprise Directory
Elementary Schools
Hickman Elementary School Profile
Harpeth Valley Elementary School Profile
Hull-Jackson Elementary Montessori Magnet School Profile
Henry C. Maxwell School Profile
Inglewood Elementary Profile
Tom Joy Elementary School Profile
A.Z. Kelley Elementary School Profile
Kirkpatrick Enhanced Option School Profile
Lakeview Elementary School Profile
Hermitage Elementary School Profile
Robert E. Lillard Elementary Design Center School Profile
Lockeland Elementary Design Center Profile
Joelton Elementary School Profile
McGavock Elementary School Profile
Andrew Jackson Elementary School Profile
Jones Paideia Elementary Magnet School Profile
Dan Mills Elementary School Profile
J.E. Moss Elementary School Profile
Mt. View Elementary School Profile
Ruby Major Elementary School Profile
Haywood Elementary School Profile
Gower Elementary School Profile
Charlotte Park School Profile
Dodson Elementary School Profile
Amqui Elementary School Profile
Cumberland Elementary School Profile
Carter- Lawrence Elementary Magnet School Profile
DuPont Elementary School Profile
Crieve Hall Elementary School Profile
Eakin Elementary School Profile
Cole Elementary School Profile
Glenview Elementary School Profile
Norman Binkley School Profile
Glenn Enhanced Option Elementary School Profile
Buena Vista Elementary School Profile
Bordeaux Elementary School Profile
Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet Elementary School Profile
Thomas Edison Elementary School Profile
Glengarry Elementary School Profile
Goodlettsville Elementary School Profile
Glendale Elementary Spanish Immersion School Profile
Alex Green Elementary
Granbery Elementary
Cockrill Elementary
Caldwell Elementary Enhanced Option
Fall-Hamilton Elementary Enhanced Option School Profile
Bellshire Elementary Design Center
Chadwell Elementary School Profile
Julia Green School Profile
Glencliff Elementary School Profile
Gateway Elementary School Profile
Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School Profile
Cane Ridge Elementary
Middle Preps
Bellevue Middle Prep Profile
Brick Church Middle Prep Profile
McKissack Middle Prep Profile
Croft Middle Prep Profile
Goodlettsville Middle Prep Profile
Gra-Mar Middle Prep Profile
Antioch Middle Prep Profile
Donelson Middle Prep Profile
Dupont Hadley Middle School Profile
Apollo Middle Prep Profile
Margaret Allen Middle Prep Profile
East Nashville Magnet Middle and High (5-12) School Profile
John Early Museum Magnet Middle Prep Profile
Cameron Middle Prep Profile
DuPont Tyler Middle Prep Profile
Creswell Arts Middle Prep Profile
Jere Baxter Middle Prep Profile
Bailey Middle Prep Profile
Meigs Middle Magnet Prep Profile
John Trotwood Moore Middle Prep Profile
Head Middle Magnet Prep Profile
John F. Kennedy Middle Prep Profile
McMurray Middle Prep Profile
Neely's Bend Middle Prep Profile
Two Rivers Middle Prep Profile
H.G. Hill Middle Prep Profile
West End Middle Prep Profile
William Henry Oliver Middle Prep Profile
Joelton Middle Prep Profile
Wright Middle Prep Profile
Isaac Litton Middle Prep Profile
Haynes Middle Health/Medical Science Design Center Prep Profile
Thurgood Marshall Middle Prep Profile
The Cohn School
Rose Park Middle Magnet Prep Profile
Madison Middle Prep
High Schools
MNPS Middle College High School Profile
Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School Profile
Overton High School Profile
McGavock High School Profile
Nashville School of the Arts Profile
Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet School Profile
Hume-Fogg Magnet High School Profile
Hunters Lane High School Profile
Glencliff High School Profile
Antioch High School School Profile
Whites Creek High School Profile
Cane Ridge High School
The Academy at Old Cockrill School Profile
Maplewood High School Profile
Stratford High School Profile
Nashville Big Picture High School Profile
Hillsboro High School Profile
Hillwood High School Profile
The Academy at Hickory Hollow School Profile
The Academy at Opry Mills School Profile
The Cohn School Profile
Specialty Schools
School Options
Admission Requirements (Hume-Fogg, MLK, Meigs)
Admission Requirements (Hull-Jackson, Stanford)
Admission Requirements (Glendale ES)
Magnet and Specialty Schools
Selection Day
School Options FAQ
School Options FAQ
School Options FAQ
Back to School Guide
Advanced Academics
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Primary Years Programme
Middle Years Programme
Diploma Programme
Course Descriptions
Conditions for the Award of the IB Diploma
IB News & Articles
Making the Case from the Cognitive Sciences
IB and Race to the Top Funds
Link Between IB and College Success
IB Newsletters
IB Career-related Certificate
Advanced Placement (AP)
Advanced Placement (AP) Student Profile
Advanced Placement (AP) Teacher Profile
AP Contract for Students
Request More Information from AICE
School for Science & Math at Vanderbilt (SSMV)
The SSMV Class of 2016
The SSMV Class of 2015
The SSMV Class of 2014
About Our Director
Governor's School 2014
Gifted Services
How to Refer a Child
Step 2 - Option 1
Step 2 - Option 2
Step 3 - Option 2
Step 2 - Option 3
Is Your Child Gifted?
Characteristics of Giftedness Scale
Bright Child or Gifted Learner?
How to Refer a Child
Encore & Gifted Programs
The Encore Program
Encore Service Projects
Calendar and Events
First Day of School
Building Excellent Thinkers
Excel Classroom Support
Encore PACE
The Encore Parent Learning Series
Gifted Links
Dear Encore Families...
Gifted Services Distribution List
AVID Application Process
AVID School Coordinators
AVID Center Online
AVID Calendar
How AVID & International Baccalaureate Overlap
AVID Students Featured in Regional Newsletter
AVID Senior Commitment Night 2012
AVID Senior Commitment Night 2011
Dual Enrollment
Credit Recovery
Curriculum & Standards
Standards by Subject
PreK-4 Report Cards
Subject Grading Codes
Effort & Standards Codes
Reading Progress Levels
Promotion/Retention Area
Attendance Record
Student Responsibilities for Learning
Student Responsibilities for Behavior
Your Child Can Be Helped By:
Pre-Kindergarten Academic Standards
English Language Arts / Literacy Academic Standards
Math Academic Standards
Science Academic Standards
Foreign Language Academic Standards
Visual Arts Academic Standards
Music Academic Standards
Information Literacy Academic Standards
Lifetime Wellness, Health Education & Physical Education Academic Standards
Writing Academic Standards
Listening & Speaking Academic Standards
Technology Academic Standards
English Language Development (ELD) Standards
What is Common Core?
Parent Resources for Common Core
Common Core in Action at Cole Elementary School
How does it work?
How is it tested?
How does it affect my child?
Common Core Levels the Playing Field
Educators Talk Common Core
Course Descriptions, Graduation Requirements, & Programs of Studies
Literacy Calendars
Early Childhood Education (Pre-K)
Pre-Kindergarten Application Process
Pre-K Programs
Admission Requirements
Sliding Scale Fee
Pre-K Classroom Sites 2014-15
Pre-K Before/After School Child Care Sites
Frequently Asked Questions
Program Information
Pre-Kindergarten Staff Contact Information
iTrails: Kindergarten Readiness
English Learners
Communications for Families
Report Cards
Contact Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Translator, Interpreter, and ELD Coach Requests
Registration for English Learners
Se inscriben estudiantes de inglés como idioma adicional (EL)
ELDA Practice Materials
Exceptional Education
Where to Start
Gathering Information
Early Childhood
Assessment Plan
Early Childhood
Evaluations & Reports
Areas of Eligibility
IEP-Team Meeting
School System Sets Up the Program
Parent Resources
Your Child's Education
Child Find
Búsqueda de Niños
Developmental Skills
Local Resources
Online Resources
Private School Resources
Where to Start
Information for Parents
Exceptional Education Family Advisory Council
Procedural Safeguards
FERPA - Your Rights
Guide to Terms in Exceptional Education
Early Childhood Delivery Models
School-Age Delivery Models
Related Services
Itinerant Staff
Gifted & Talented Education
Developmental Delay
Emotional Disturbance
Functional Delay
Hearing Impairment
Intellectually Gifted
Intellectual Disabilities
Multiple Disabilities
Orthopedic Impairment
Other Health Impairment
Specific Learning Disabilities
Procedural Addendum A
Procedural Addendum B
Speech or Language Impairment
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visual Impairment
About the Department
Integrated Service Delivery Model
Itinerant Staff
Contact the Department
Frequently Asked Questions
Graduation Requirements
Learn More, Experience More, Do More
About Intersession
Community Based Opportunities
ENCORE Intersession Registration - Elementary
ENCORE Intersession Registration - Middle
Metro Parks Music and Theater Department Workshop Series
Fall 2013 Intersession
Music Makes Us
Social and Emotional Learning
Plan and Objectives
Mission and Vision
Collaborating Districts & Resources
Summer Programs & Camps
Mt. Bethel Summer Academy
Student Technology Toolbox Computer Class
MNPS Camps
Forensics Camp
Arts in Action
Music Makers
Sports, Recreation & Community Programs
Moves & Grooves Summer Art Camp
Jobs, Job Readiness & Career Prep
Metro Nashville Orchestra Camp
Metro Nashville Summer Band Camp
Art Al Sol
Summer Music Camps
Summer Reading Recommendations
Tests and Assessements
Tips for Parents
Tips for Students
Test Information
What Does the Score Report Look Like?
The Academies of Nashville
Academies of Nashville Offerings
Antioch High School
Cane Ridge High School
Glencliff High School
Hillsboro High School
Hillwood High School
Hunters Lane High School
Maplewood High School
McGavock High School
Overton High School
Pearl-Cohn High School
Stratford High School
Whites Creek High School
About the Academies
Real World Alignment
High School Courses with Post-Secondary Agreements
Externships and Curriculum
Externships and Curriculum (2010-11)
Ford PAS Next Generation Learning
The Five-year Plan
Career Exploration Fair
My Future. My Way
GlenDale Video ( TEST)
Parent Teacher Conference
Career Expo
test video 4
Career fair test
Project Expo
Project Expo Compenents
Frequently Asked Questions
Business Engagement
Academy Partners
Cane Ridge
Hunters Lane
Whites Creek
Get Involved
Sign Up to Be a Partner
The Five-year Plan
Student Video Awards
Watch the Nominees
Cane Ridge Academy of Arts & Communications
Cane Ridge Academy of Health Management
Glencliff Ford Academy of Business
Hillsboro Academy of Global Health & Science
Hillsboro Academy of International Business & Communications
Hillwood Academy of Art, Design, & Communications
Hunters Lane Academy of Business and Marketing
Hunters Lane Academy of Design & Technology
Hunters Lane Academy of Hospitality
Hunters Lane International Baccalaureate Academy
McGavock Academy of Aviation & Transportation
McGavock CMT Academy of Digital Design & Communication
McGavock Freshmen Academy
McGavock Academy of Health Science & Law
McGavock Academy of Hospitality & Finance
Academy Enrollment Showcases
Academies of Nashville Showcase
Academies of Nashville
Academies by Theme
The Five-Year Plan
Real-World Alignment
Academies by School
2013-2014 CTE Programs of Study
Advanced Academics
Business Engagement
Experiential Learning
Career Exploration Fair
Industry Field Trips
Job Shadowing
Capstone Experience
Academy Showcases
Academy Video Awards
Academy Awards
Teacher Team Externships
TEDx Nashville Ed
Project Expo
Frequently Asked Questions
Twilight Programs
Twilight Schools Succeed!
Family and Community Partnerships
Jeger Ali
Pamela Burgess
Allison Buzard
Edith High
Tremeta Norman
Ruben De Peña
¿Qué pasa en las escuelas públicas de Nashville?
Emmanuel Ehiemua
Zied Guizani
Anthony Hall
Audrey Holloman
Robert Taylor
Earl Lattimore
Lauren Mays
Gini Pupo-Walker
Kevin McKenzie
Lorraine Stallworth
Robin Trollinger
Cam Wingfield
LeTicia Taylor
Patty Tarquino
Antioch Cluster Profile
Cane Ridge Cluster Profile
Glencliff Cluster Profile
Hillsboro Cluster Profile
Hillwood Cluster Profile
Hunters Lane Cluster Profile
Maplewood Cluster Profile
McGavock Cluster Profile
Overton Cluster Profile
Pearl Cohn Cluster Profile
Stratford Cluster Profile
Whites Creek Cluster Profile
Family & Community Partnerships Calendar
Parent University Cultural Awareness Workshop
Watch D.O.G.S.
Parent University
Universidad Para los Padres Conferencia
Be An A+ Parent Conference Registration
Parent University
Family Engagement University
Community Achieves
Director's Parent Advisory Council
Director's PAC Cluster Meetings for May
PAC Leaders
PAC Representatives
Meeting Survey (September 20, 2012)
Meeting Agendas & Live-blogs
Director's PAC Meeting Updates
Watch D.O.G.S.
Parental Involvement
PTO/PTA Forms and Documents
Family Resource Centers
Parent Conference Day
Watch D.O.G.S.
Gradespeed/Parent Connection
MNPS Alumni Achievers
Justin Pruett
Margot McCormack
Steven, Michelle & Michael Shaw
Haydee Searcy
Submit an Alumni Achiever
Blake Geoffrion
Hugh Travis
Randy Goodman
Meryll Rose
Andrew Melo
William Wiggins
Public Schools Hall of Fame Inductees
Parent Ambassador Application
FAQ Parent Ambassadors
MNPS Children First
On Public Education Blog
Live-blogs & Live Events
MNPS News and Press Releases
Board of Education Videos
Metro Council Education Committee Meeting Videos
District and Event Calendar
Event Calendar
District Calendar
Metro Schools on Social Media
Internet Safety
Developing a Plan to Improve Priority & Low-performing Schools
Share Your Thoughts on How to Improve Priority Schools
Sign Up for Priority Schools Updates
Hillwood and Hillsboro Site Studies
Terms of Use
MNPS ADA Public Notice
ADA Compliance
ADA policies and procedures
Accessibility - Maps and Information
ADA Request for Accommodations Form
ADA Individual Evacuation Plan
Accessible School by cluster
School and Community Garden ADA Guidelines
Bellevue Garden
Caldwell Garden Plan
Garden Submittal to MNPS SPC
Glencliff Garden
Lockeland Garden Design
Outdoor Accessible Furniture
Outdoor Accessible Routes
Employee ADA Request Form
Customer Care Evaluation RFP 11-31
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